Overview of Meeting on Saturday, October 31


This will be just a short update on the preliminary plan for the first day of the meeting.

Morning meeting point is the corner of Barrow Street and Grand Canal Street Upper (map). This is close to the offices we will use for our meeting.

Morning meeting time is at 9:30am-9:45am, at which point we will depart towards the meeting space.

Contact phone is +353 1 519 6135. I will privately share an additional phone number in case is one does not work.

Agenda is not yet set up. Ideas are welcome. The current plan is to have some talking and hacking space, but talks are welcome.

Food arrangements will be considered over the next few days. I will privately inquire about dietary requirements or culinary preferences for lunch and dinner.

Early visitors are welcome to get in touch to discuss possible activities for Friday.

GPG keysigning will happen ad-hoc during the meeting. Find out more, including how to generate your key and prepare for keysigning.

If you are coming to the meetup and you didn’t reach out to me yet, please contact me at ivan@vucica.net – thanks!

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