Meetup: October 2015, Dublin, Ireland

To celebrate 20th anniversary of GNUstep, we will have a meeting on the weekend of October 24, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.  We are kindly being permitted the use of space in Google Ireland in Barrow Street, Dublin 4.

Early arrivals on Friday, October 23 2015 are welcome. It may be possible to organize activities on Monday morning depending on attendees’ outgoing flight schedule. Dates have been picked based on votes collected from mailing list subscribers.

No hotel booking specials have been arranged yet. Stay tuned in case this changes.

  • If you wish to attend and have not registered yet, please reach out with your contact information to organizer.
  • Talks nor lightning talks have been scheduled. Have an idea for a talk? Please reach out to organizer.
  • Hacking ideas have not been fleshed out. Have an idea for hacking? Please discuss on the mailing list.

Keysigning party

Attendees who wish to use GPG to sign or encrypt their communications may want to participate in a small keysigning party. Following rules are proposed:

  • Minimum 4096-bit RSA master key
  • Identity verification by 1 government-issued photo ID (e.g. national ID card, driver’s license, passport)
  • Key ownership should be verified by fingerprint
  • Email ownership should be verified by sending encrypted email to each email identity present in the key
  • Emails should be encrypted, at the minimum, with the latest for-encryption public subkey (default), preferably with all non-expired public subkeys present in the key
  • No need to bring the actual key to the party; the fingerprint is enough

Unless dedicated time is scheduled at a later time, the keysigning party will be informal and happen during the entirety of event. Please reach out if you are concerned about some of the above rules.



Updates will be posted here, at and related RSS feed You should also subscribe to the mailing lists (discuss-gnustep and gnustep-dev in particular).

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