GNUstep Meetup 2015: Dates, participants, plans, hotels


I’m happy to announce dates are now Oct31-Nov1. Further changes should not be happening.

List of confirmed (or mostly confirmed) participants is a bit short, but still interesting:

– Riccardo Mottola
– Stefan Bidigaray
– Gregory John Casamento
– Scott Christley
– Richard Frith-Macdonald
– Ivan Vucica

More notes:

– Fred Kiefer has mentioned interest in joining, but I have made a mistake of not sending him the personalized email everyone else received, so I am apologizing and correcting this now.
– I have not received responses from some receipients either. If you plan on joining, you’ll of course be welcome even if you mention this on the day of the meetup — but it would be awesome if everyone knew you’re coming. 🙂

If you plan on joining, please let me know. It would be outstanding to meet more developers and users, and share knowledge, experience and plans for the future.

There are no specific plans yet, aside from the GPG keyparty. Personally, I’m thinking of preparing a migration path towards Git and Gerrit, which could then be presented and proposed for adoption at the meeting. (I’d prepare it so that it could be executed with a few clicks.)

Other than that, I have received a proposal to consider this a chance to get together and less of a meeting to do talks. I don’t disagree. But, if there is interest in sharing knowledge, I think that can only be appreciated and should be encouraged. Effective sharing of knowledge may require preparation by sharer and focus by recipients, which is why I’m mentioning talks.  But, I’m fine with either situation — I’m looking forward to a get-together.

Since I’ve had to travel this week related to studies, I did not get around to contacting hotels for possible discounts. I will endeavor to do so next week. From the few conversations I had, I do not really expect we’ll get a significant discount, but I’ll try to see what I can do.


– Ivan

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